Does the lighter come prefilled?

No, they do not. We wish we could send them prefilled but it's actually illegal to ship anything with explosive chemicals inside :(

What kind of fuel do I need to buy?

Our lighters work off of butane and lighter fuel. Check in the description to see which fuel a specific lighter needs.

How long is shipping?

USA: 10-20 business days.

International: 7-35 business days.

Check description for backorders, there may be a delay on when we ship it out.

Is it safe?

It is not healthy to breathe in the fuel from any lighter, so the colored flames are as safe as any other regular lighter.

Do they have a childproof or lock feature?

Igniting the lighter may appear effortless in our videos, but each lighter has safety features to prevent unwanted ignition. It may even take a few tries before you can easily ignite it.

How long does it last until you have to refill?

The burn time varies based on the flame size and model you choose. Normal flame settings typically offer 10-20 minutes of burn time, while flamethrower mode requires frequent refilling.

Does the flame stay colored forever?

No, they do not :( The flame color will slowly change over time. It will change to a orange flame and eventually to a blue flame.

Is it legal in my country?

Our lighters are legal in almost all countries. Chances are, we can ship to you.

The only issue you may come in to is if it's legal to ship these lighters in your country. Customs may have a problem with it. We have done our best to check the laws in most countries. Ultimately, you are responsible for ensuring the lighters can be legally shipped into your country.

PS: They are 100% legal in the USA